12 juin 2006

2 days around the Mt Tendre in the Jura

Here are a few photos of a 2 days walk (Aventures Alpines outing) in the Jura mountains. Originally we were to set off three days in the Gantrish area around Thun, central Switzerland, but the week before, temperatures dropppppppppped and weather got ghastly: snow don to 1000 m, we would have been in knee-deep wet melting snow on steep slopes, not really a spring outing! So I wanted to report it, but participants could not do that! Finally, only Fabienne and Rubeka were interested in switching destination, so I proposed the Jura, with a night in small cabin, the Pivette near the Mont Tendre. Beautiful weather, no snow here, a long -too long- second day and a sprint to catch the train at Le Pont. Photos provided by Fabienne!

Dissolution cracks (Lapiez) deep in the woods

Yumy how's it taste?

Resting in the fields, not a thing cows are used to, what's this gook doing?

Wonderful Pivette (background...)

A pretty young lady

2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Hi, great trip! How did you manage to get access to la Pivette?

Matthew Richards a dit…

Thanks, it was a while ago. I had contacts for private access. They don't do it anymore I think. Matthew