09 janvier 2007

A cold but snowless end of year (2006)

Here are a few photos of our week spent in the Vallée de Joux, a preserved and magnificent valley within the Jura mountains (I shoudn't really be advertising this place!). As you will see on the pictures -no snow this year, but: superb weather!

From the Blondine above L'Abbaye, view towards beloved Mont Tendre

Dusk in the Vallée de Joux, such a calm evening

Sunset in a crisp sky, the frost on north-facing walls has been preserved through the day

Remains of the day along the frozen shoreline, Lac de Joux

Another day out: picnic at Pré d'Etoy

Sorbier des Oiseleurs bays, a treat for the birds that have stayed around during winter

Chamois skid marks on a frozen road, it seems like these marks were done when the beast jumped up onto an embankment.

A typical Jura farmhouse south-west wall

In the woods towards Monts D'Orzeires (Bear Hill), an old wall covered with moss.

Skating is very popular in the valley, many small lakes freeze up during winter, and sometimes the whole of the Lac de Joux is frozen; here is a view of the small Lac Ter, between Le Lieu and Le Sechey.

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