16 mars 2007

Punta de Arpilla

Punta de Arpilla: sounds good in spanish, a brief but hurried walk -out of shape- up to the Punta de Arpilla above Los Pecenios Tios in the swiss alps.

First of all a whale-like picture of the back of a ridge with a view over towards Los dentos de Noon.

I seem to be sort of panting my way up on this one, but in fact I just failed to get where I wanted to be before the buzz on the camera was over and the shot was taken, a bit of a worry to see how difficult it seems just sitting down.

View over towards Los Pecenios Tios.

Going down from the cross, only one of those tracks are mine, there was someone else up there before me that day, without snowshoes.

WOLF track ... hehe

Sunset light on the Piedra Rosso

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