02 mai 2007


Aha this is the Follatères, a special, hot, sunny, dry and botanically rich natural reserve in Valais (or sort of just at the beginning of it). We were out there with Jus, Math, Lou and meself.

Trunks, green spring feeling, last of snow in background.

Walking along the side of the Rhône valley, you get great views over the Argentière massif.

This is called: Gesse printanière (Lathyrus vernus)

And this: (I think) Grémil pourpre bleu (Buglossoides purpurocaerulea) (no kidding)

Trurn the corner and get a plunging view towrads the East and the Rhône valley just goes on and on in the distance.

Hey, did I mention it was hot and sort of a micro-climate in Follatères? Check this out, a CACTUS.

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