27 juin 2007

Vallon de Bonaudon & Dent de Jaman

At Montreux, you can catch a train that goes right through the mountains and comes out in the high country of the Château-d'Oex area (there is still quite a way to get there however). We got off at Les Cases, just out of the tunnel and started ... down to go round a buttress of steep forests. Brian leads the walk, I'm just following and enjoying!

Here's Brian (yep that's my dad) at the start of the walk:

First stretch up grassy slopes:

Still going, I'm trying to keep up with the old man, look at him!

Ouch, 2 hours later, here we are at the top of the col (Bonaudon Col), thanks for the break dad!

Nice views from up here, that's the Eiger right back over there on the horizon.

From the Col de Jaman (upper), the lake comes into view, what a sight...

Going up the Dent de Jaman, hey wait, something just strikes me...

Yes, it's the cap! The man has his racing cycling cap from the '70s on! NOW I understand the pace, that's cheating dad! Not as bad as Testosterone Floyd but doping of a more dangerous kind: Psycho doping!

I turn my mind to kinder matters, a few flowers, the breeze and home-made sandwiches.

Meanwhile, the Rochers de Naye, just behind us, spreads out its long carapace across the eastern sky, this is our "table mountain".

Checking out the map on the way down on the other side,

.. with the Dent de Jaman above us still, it's a different view form this side, it looks almost, like, a mountain!

It was SO hot that day, and at the end of it, this fountain was almost as good as a beer; fortunately, because the bistrot was closed anyway! DAR!

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