24 septembre 2007

Tour des Ruans - Days 3 and 4

Still trying to catch up on this blog, here goes an account of the 2 last days of zis tour so mighty. I definitely need to cut down on length 'cause I cant follow: this summer we've been out a lot in mountains, bike and sailing, but no way I can keep it up on here and it's probbaly not so bad anyway. I'll stick to walkandtalk, rando-decouverte and aventures alpines trips mostly, although will also post some stuff about cycling and moutain biking probably, or else on this or that occasion when I want some you friends to check out our common adventure pictures.
So anyways, after that long day into France, here's how I got back to Switzerland, avoiding the ladders that might've been still plastered with snow: I took the long way round, it wuz HOT!
Here's a view after passing the Col de Coup, looking into the Champéry valley towards the Dents du Midi.

Yes it was HOT!

Better not fall off this path!

The Susanfe hut:

Evening lights after an 11 hours day, 'tain! Thanks to the warden who let me sleep in the dining room instead of cramped in the bunks with a thousand other stinky, farting and snoring hikers.

Next morning I'm knackered goooood. Hardly moving... god, it's hard, I guess 2 days of 11 hours walking have done me in. Here I am slugging up to the Susanfe pass I can hardly see my feet and the cold air makes my eyes run like fountains. Heart is racing although I'm just plodding along, I'm breathless just looking up the path!

Morning lights cheer me up as the scenery just gets better and better. I walk up towards the last high point of the trip.

Looking back towards the cabin:

Down there is the Salanfe lake again, gone round, done it, but next time I'll do it in one more day, tell you that!

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