16 mars 2008

Warm and Sunny!

As an illustration of the outings for Rando-Decouverte at Les Diablerets, here are a few pictures of last friday's group, a British Rails group of visitors from central England mostly. We had such warm and sunny weather, it was just WOOPEE!

At first sight, I new it was going to be a great day, amazing clouds over the Diablerets:

Old wooden door on our way out.

The group entering the Sources, not much snow left around, birds singing and lots of smiling guests.

Here's Virginie (she's Rando-Decouverte chief organizer! - my boss!) telling the group about the wildlife and how animals cope with winter conditions in the mountains.

A final view over Diablerets and Tête Ronde.

05 mars 2008

Kids outing on snowshoes

It was one amazingly bright day, with just enough fresh snow to lead a small party of kids out to the Jura mountains. Great sunshine and a blazing wind. We managed to have our picnic out in the open, sheltered somehow under a small willow tree. It was cold but the kids were just: lets' gogogo!!!

Here's one view of our small party heading out.

Hey, is that a hill?

Rest time for the pecenios muchachos!

And, yes, I TOLD YOU: lots of wind!!!