23 juillet 2008

30 Singers under the Sun

Yes: 30!

After a day singing, here they are on their way up towards the Col de Seron above Diablerets.

A hat looking nice under the Diablerets; apart from hats -very useful under that day's sunshine- we got to see Ibex in the rocks high up in the cliffs of the Cape au Moine. We had to use our field glasses to spot them and none of us had strong enough lenses to fix the beasts in our cameras, but the sight was just amazing.

A stop on the way down: yes you're right that's the Oldenhorn! You know the area already!

Next part of the day I went to check out the following trip.

Just to make history, here's a shot of meself with my newly grown beard (now or never!):

10 juillet 2008


Sometimes, weather is not that great when you go to check out a tour.
This time I was out to "reconnoître" a long day -Anzeindaz to Bretaye- for the "Salon International de la Randonnée" (I told you this was a bilingual bleugh). The weather was sort of ok finally but I was late to catch the train back down and finally got a lift in a luxurious taxi that usually transports crowned personalities such as the prince Albert de Monaco (I told you this was a ...), but this time was transferring my smelly self from Villars to Aigle: thanks by the way!

AND: here are a few photos from the "reconnoissance" (I told you ...) and from the outing with clients themselves (the dog was one of them). Actually, it wasn't a very good day for me because I was absolutely out of it but what the (...) you need some OFF days to appreciate the ONs, s'pas (encore)?

This is the Culan, cloudy, gloomy, zoomed!

On the way, this sad sad face seems to be saying something funny, or maybe it's the other way round ...

Here come the clients, a few days later, no I don't remember the dog's name, but I remember it chased away a fox, I tried to get the owner to keep it on the lead: fat chance!

Ahhhhhhhhhh, COWS, nice ones too, just up from the valley, first day of the season in the mountains, don't they look happy? They are concentrating on that yummy green grass!

I love cows.