29 septembre 2008

Black Vanilla

A mountain named Black Vanilla, ummm... does that sound nice or does it sound ... frightening?

The Vanil Noir is a peak of the Fribourg Prealps, it's -about- 2,400 meters high and has STEEP flanks. That's why it has this mixed reputation of a magnificent summit and at the same time a fearful place, because when you go up it, you better make sure you know what your feet are doing, and your hands also deserve some attention on the way!

We went up there with my good friend R, don't be afraid, he doesn't bite:

We stopped at the Cabane des Marindes on the way up. Yes, this is the place to admire ibexes and also marmots, chamois and eagles.

On the way up, autumn light, crisp morning air, pure enjoyment!

The top is just up there, I was so concentrated on watching my steps that the colours don't show.

Life is back into me, here's a view over towards the main Alps, THIS is what I call a low cost flight.

Reminiscence of the Himalayas on the way down.


No, it's not a strange acronym (RARD?), but the name of a charming pasture above Les Diablerets. These folks, straight from England, had a great time on a great day with this Rando Decouverte tour. There were 12 of us, and everyone ended the day with a great big grin on their face. Days like this will be remembered! Thanks for coming over!

25 septembre 2008

Spot the Hopper!

The best thing about this job is learning more stuff as you go along. Here's an example: we went on a day's exploration in the mountain pastures, looking for grasshoppers and crickets. So, I won't go through the basics, just the results. Let's start:

1) Can you spot the hopper?

2) Face to face with a grasshopper!

3) This little guy lost a leg, awfull stuff but quite common in the cricket's world, yes this is a cricket, up to you to find out how I can tell!

4) And what about the grass specialist? Here he is, an encyclopedia on shoes. Thanks Maestro!

5) And finally, the Maestro looking for the elusive "Criquet Sanguin". Alas, the beast was nowhere to be found...

Emmental - flach, sans les trous

Comme dirait Obelix: "l'Emmental ... c'est plat..."

J'ajouterai: "et plat!" (uf schwitzerrtütsch: flach)

Et puis: "et chaud aussi, ah oui alors!"

En tout cas c'est ainsi que nous apparut ce pays le premier jour d'un périple qui en compta 4, en cet été 2008. Voici une photo prise par une mouche passant par-delà mon chapeau de paille, en route vers les odeurs agréables des donzelles apparaissant en arrière-plan, un peu floues non pas à cause d'un quelconque défaut de prise de vue mais bien du fait de l'émanation du sol qui par l'effet de la canicule faisait se trémousser les rayons lumineux devant nos yeux hagards.

Un autre jour, après un orage bienvenu, nous abordons enfin les collines verdoyantes de ce moyen-pays de légende.