06 janvier 2009

James Bond comes to Les Diablerets

"What? You mean ... really???"

Well, actually not quite. In fact, I was just looking for a catchy title, but it is only partially un-true, and here's why: 2 weeks ago Virginie and I led a small tour through the Diablerets village, with a group of Britons from the island in the sea across from LA France and amongst them ... but let's not go too fast, first of all here's a picture of V explaining some incredible stuff (no kidding) about wildlife in the Alps. I'll say it agin, no kiddin', she has a megastore of amazing stories about animals, plants, nature, for example: did you know that squirrels are left or right-handed and that you can find out just by looking (you'll need a bit of eye-ripping practice I admit) at the cones they nibbled? Well, that's the type of thing you'd hear if you were to come up to Les Diablerets one day and book an outing with Rando-Decouverte.

So what about JB007? Well, the guy standing with a big umbrella in the snow KNEW him, and it was the right one too: Mr Sean! He actually played a part in the famous Dr NO movie! A real nice character (no not NO, the man on the photo).

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