03 juin 2009

From the other side

I'd like to post a few photos of an original outing we did with my friend RO at the end of the snow season: we were headed for the Mont Tendre (not unusual for me, I LOVE that mountain), but this time we started out from the bottom of the East slopes, which makes it a longer hike but also leads you through wild forests and past one of the best kept secrets of the Jura: the .... hoho! you thought you were getting a scoop there didn't you?

AnywayZZ, here are 3 pictures from that day, sometime in early April 2009.

Here's the view from the cliffs of ... (hohoho, almost!). Those are the trees we walked through. Like in a dream.

Out of the trees, RO is enjoying the hard snow and the bright sun light. It's spring time already, plenty of animal tracks, trees are green, eyes like slits and burning skin.

Almost there, the geodesic triangle sticks out against the sky. Some other hikers are already up there. Nice chat, french skiers actually over from the Risoux area, we shared a bottle of Jura white wine: the down-going went smoothly!

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