23 octobre 2009

International Glaciological Society outing

Two half days (28-29 august) accompanying an IGS (International Glaciological Society) outing. Interesting and scary: by 2040, there might be nothing left of the Tsan Fleuron glacier above Les Diablerets. And then how will we store the water? At the moment most summer-time waters come from glacial melt waters infiltrating the karst, but when all the ice will have gone, it will be only snow melt and remaining aquifers, which may not be very large in a karstic environment... better find some other way of storing the water in the Alps, and fast!

The previous day I was leading an evening tour down in the valley, so I joined the group on the second day after their departure from the cabane des Diablerets. As I started down from the cable-car towards the hut, I saw them straight in front of me, at the same level as I was, moving up the scree towards the glacier.

On our way up.

Walking on the glacier towards the Devil's Skittle (La Quille du Diable).

The group on the karst.

Heading back, view towards la Tête de Barme (3,185 m), from where the second rock fall over Derborence took place in 1749 (http://www.derborence.ch/histoire/).

See a longer account of the whole trip here.

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