13 décembre 2013

Montreux - old town

Of course every one knows Montreux -the Jazz, Freddy Mercury,etc..- but how about a walk in the old town, the upper Montreux, where the town developed in the first place some centuries ago, before the shores of the Lake Leman were tamed by the dams in Geneva, before the Casino was built, when cows and grapes were still the main economical activities around here?

The picture above is a view of the old Montreux, taken from the charming little alleys that lead into the hills. On the other side of the lake, you can see the Grammont, in France from where a rockfall triggered a Tsunami somewhere around 500 AC.

I was preparing a City walk for visitors from Malaysia and hoped to drag them up to this view point, but ... alas, we didn't make it this high!

Next post will be about 2013 spring activities with schools..

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