19 janvier 2015

First 2015 (real) winter outing


After 2 weeks of warmish weather with little snow, then 1 day of blizzard, we were fortunate to have a blazing sun with cold conditions and magnificent snow for a first outing.

We headed out for the Vaud-Bernese border pass at 1500 m and made our way up to the Hundsruegg, which in local german means "the dog's back"
Crowdy on the top, but Walkandtalk found an isolated route up AND down!

Check out the pictures. On the summit picture, you'll notice Barbara and her dog Jolan, both of whom we came across by chance, a great coïncidence, and very much appreciated too.

 Uphill practice for new comers!

On the plateau before the last stretch.

Look at that snow!

Almost there, in the background the Bernese Alps with the recognisable triangle of the Eiger.

Summit photo: 1930 m

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