19 janvier 2016

Winter is back!

After a warmish (ish? no: WARM) autumn, winter has slapped the Swiss Alps on both cheeks with cold spells of bruising winds and spade loads of white white snow right down to the lowlands' lakes.

I've left out quite a few fabulous walks and some interesting assignments scouting and guiding for film crews in the Jura. I hope I get time to show you a few pictures of these later on, but for the moment it's WINTER, so let's get started!

Here's a picture of the Villars area, where I was planning a tour which finally didn't take place because of it clashing with another event, but it was woth while nevertheless.

The Muveran range in the distance with some ski runs of the Villars resort in the foreground.

The same view with a pano, clouding up a bit, end of day...

A few days later I took a group out in the Col des Mosses area, nice snow, good team. I enjoyed ploughing through the thick snow again, with the cold air rushing down the lungs and the heat building up steadily in the limbs. That's what it's about too: getting the body to move, feeling the pinch of the wind, gazing round and up towards the summits.

Trees plastered, the 2 snowshoers (Thea & Maria) seem lost in the wilderness.

We stopped for an outdoor picnic at the hut on the left. Not inside as you may imagine: most of these summer huts are shut down during winter.

Midday turning back point, did I say something funny?

The group pic: I told you: a great crowd!

See you soon!

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