01 mars 2017

Winter impressions

We are well through the 2017 winter season, and so it's time to send out a few pictures of walkandtalk outings that have taken place. As usual not all of our activities are displayed in this blog, but here are a few of them anyway!

If you would like to get more information or if you would like to participate in one of our outings, don't hesitate and just ... give us a call: +41 (0)79 412 90 63. Check out also: http://www.walkandtalk.ch/index_en_GB.html.

Here a few pictures of a film shooting in Vallée de Joux, 3 days of amazing blizzard. Walkandtalk was in charge of scouting for suitable locations with the appropriate landscape features matching the script.

3 pictures of a classic hike to the Creux-du-Van, not much sun in the sky but lots of it in our hearts!

A visit to the summit of Le Cochet, followed by a fondue in a little hut, yummy yummy!

2 days at the secret Ecureuil hut! Adventure in the wild wild west of Switzerland's Jura range.

Igloo building and night snowshoe walk at Villars, why not try yourselves?

Sunset just before a night walk at Mollendruz.

Another outing in the Villars region, fabulous snow!

A visit to the Suchet after 3 years! What a view, and what a great team!

And finally, YES, a hike in the Lavaux wineyards is possible in winter too! Look at these folk, smiling in the blizzard! We were headed for a wine tasting session so no wonder they were so cheerful!

That's all folks for the time being, winter is still on, so keep checking out the blog, and give us a call for more fun and adventure: +41 (0)79 412 90 63, or matthewric@gmail.com, and for ideas, check out the walkandtalk web site (www.walkandtalk.ch).

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