18 avril 2017

Bye Bye Hiver - Goodbye Winter!

Time to move the snowshoes back into the dark corners of the garage. Yes it's getting a little colder again over Northern Europe, BUT ... the season of snowshoeing is OVER.

I've started leading groups in the Lavaux vineyards already, check it out: http://lavauxguides.blogspot.ch/.

So it's BYE BYE WINTER until next year! Thanks for a great season. Not yet looking forward to the next one since it is now time for hiking, biking, flowers and sunshine!

Here are a few pictures of the last outings with my beloved clients! Thanks folks.

At the summit of Niremont.

Would you care for a little movie? Check it out:

Down from the summit in the night!

One outing in the Col du Pillon region.

The snow was so soft, we had to watch out for "crevasses", but nothing too serious as you can see! Good job I brought my shovel along with me...

Here are a few pictures of a day on the Glacier de Tsanfleuron with friends (and Mountian Leader collegues) Mitch (in green) and Laurent.

I was there too by the way (in blue)!

The Summit walk.

Au revoir!