15 mai 2017

Flowers of Switzerland

Just a quick post to show you how beautiful and soothing a trip to wonderful Switzerland can be.
Here are a couple pictures from a hike in the surroundings of Montreux (yes the Jazz town !-).

Starting from the beginning (often a good idea in my opinion), let's take a walk along the lake, with Belle Epoque steamers pulling out from the pier in Montreux downtown.

A little later, after a charming train ride up the mountains, we start down along a river side, with a visit to a graceful waterfall hidden in the trees.

We spend some time dreaming and gazing into the fresh stream, and some of us try out their zen attitude!

Further down the gorges, we enjoy the delicate green colours of a mild spring day. Apparently the green colour is ideal for concentration and relaxation, so here's a sample for you!

And YES, you're right, we can't finish a walk in Montreux without a glass of well-earned Chasselas wine on a terrasse!

See you very soon folks!

Hey, by the way, why not do this walk yourselves? Interested? Get in touch !

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