11 août 2017

No Name peak, Switzerland

Swiss maps are among the best in the world.

Don't think I'm boasting or anything, it's simply true 😜!
Well, that being said, we found a peak with no name attached to it!

Here are a few pictures of a fabulous walk up to it: 2700 m above sea level.

And, if you would like to know where it is ... you'll have to get in touch...

Here's a view of the way up, towards the upper slopes: steep going, no paths. All in all, 1500 m of uphill!

From the summit, extraordinary view over the Trient glacier (that will give you a hint about the wherabouts of the NoName peak ...!-)

The happy troup of summiteers! Well done folks!

And then, well, there's no escaping it: if you climb 1500 m UP, you must then climb 1500 back DOWN. Here we are embarking on a loooooong hike to a well-deserved - beer of course!

See you next hike.