20 juin 2019

From Winter to Summer (with Spring between the two)...

Yes it's been a while. Is it that I am busy or just lazy? What I do know is that the outings with private groups, corporate gigs, schools, tour operators and more, are doing well at walkandtalk!

Here are some pictures of many months, since last summer 2018! Not to worry: it's not that nothing is happening, it's more like: THERE'S LOTS !

Enjoy these few pictures and check out some more on Instagram too (https://www.instagram.com/walkandtalk_swiss/?hl=fr).

Jura mountains, wilderness with small cosy -and secret- huts to stop and enjoy a warm drink.

Sometimes the weather is ... let's say "challenging", but we still have lots of fun and (this time) we made the summit too!

And here's a link to a little movie from the hike (coming down from Le Suchet): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfVaZ1XhmIg.

Following up: 3 pictures from a "backcountry" skiing trip in the Mont Racine area (between Neuchâtel and Le Locle), a long haul day with a sunset finish, pure joy!

Now this a a classic destination for walkandtalk: the sacred and beautiful MONT TENDRE, highest summit of the Swiss Jura (1679 m). It's my favourite mountain (OK some would call it a hill). This time, the weather was just perfect, but it can be absolutely fierce, in which case it really is a mountain. Anyhows, here are some pics from the outing.

Happy pretty ladies!

Summit in the background.

The walker's paradox.

Summit troup!

A late winter hike (without snowshoes) up the Suchet again.

Check out the movie too: https://youtu.be/6QtPUcrLRro.

During spring, I went to prepare some tours in the Aarau region, to guide some vistors from Asia, following the steps of the Habsburg dynasty. I took along some friends to help me out and test the tour!

Here's the Habsburg castle, dating back to 1020 (yes that IS very old indeed).

Time for little Yoga on the way!

And an amazing viewpoint over the Aare river.

A new theme in walkandtalk hikes: BEER. Every month of May, walkandtalk organises a MayBeer hike to discover local breweries. This time we visited the Concorde brewery in Le Day near Vallorbe, with, of course, a hike to start with, in the gorges of the Orbe river.

A spring clean-up action with Summit Foundation, check out the garbage we found in just 4 hours on the shores of the Lac de Joux! GOSH.

And to finish off this small summary (I don't have pics of all outings and I can't show them all anyway!-), here's the latest outing on the Berra, near Gruyère.

All for now folks!
Hasta Luego!

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